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What is the turnaround time of a bespoke piece of jewellery?

About three weeks, once the design and stones have been chosen. However, some projects can be completed more quickly.

How can I have a project completed if I don’t live in the Paris region?

We work with customers all over the world by telephone, Whatsapp and e-mail.

I would like to give a surprise gift. What do I do if the ring is not the right size?

Most designs allow us to resize, and we do so at no extra cost.

Where are the pieces of jewellery made?

In a workshop in central Paris.

Are your pieces of jewellery made to order?

Yes. Not having any stock allows us to offer you the fairest price for the quality of the stones, the precious metal and the jewellery trade knowhow.

How will I receive my piece of jewellery?

For customers in the Paris region, we arrange an appointment in my office or in a location of your choice. Parcels are sent with their value declared within France or internationally via shipping companies.
Import taxes and duties are payable by the customer.

Do you offer a warranty?

Any setting defects are repaired free of charge within the first year.

What is your returns policy?

Bespoke pieces cannot be returned.

How can I clean my piece of jewellery at home ?

Soak your piece of jewellery in a bowl of hot (not boiling) soapy water for 15 minutes. Then, using a very soft baby toothbrush, gently brush the underside of the piece of jewellery to remove incrusted residue (soap or hand cream). Rinse with cold water and dry the piece of jewellery with a soft cloth.
Not to be done on porous stones like opal, turquoise or malachite.

Where do the boxes come from?

The boxes and pouches are produced by a European partner with solid corporate responsibility credentials.

Comment nettoyer mon bijou chez moi ?

Dans un bol d’eau chaude (pas bouillante) et savonneuse, faites tremper votre bijou 15 minutes. Puis, à l’aide d’une brosse à dents très souple pour bébé, brossez délicatement le dessous du bijou pour retirer la saleté incrustée (savon, crème). Rincez à l’eau froide et essuyez le bijou avec un chiffon doux.
À ne pas faire avec les pierres poreuses comme l’opale, la turquoise, ou bien la malachite.

D’où viennent les écrins ?

Les écrins et sacs sont fabriqués par un partenaire européen dont la RSE (Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises) est une priorité.

About our diamonds

Are your diamonds sold with a certificate ?

Diamonds exceeding 0.50 carat come with analysis and grading reports (certificates) from international laboratories (GIA, HRD, LFG).

What are the four Cs ?

The four Cs make it possible to understand the value of a diamond. They are four criteria set by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). Each criterion begins with the letter C (carat, colour, clarity, cut).

The carat: The carat represents the weight. 1 carat = 0.20 gram.
The colour: Diamonds are graded on a colour scale that goes from D (colourless) to Z (light colour). The evaluation is based on the absence of colour. A D coloured diamond has no colour, like a drop of pure water. The diamonds used in jewellery are generally from D (colourless) to H (near colourless).
Coloured diamonds (fancy-coloured diamonds) are ranked using a different scale.
The clarity: This is the assessment of the amount, position and size of inclusions. An inclusion can be in solid, liquid or gas form. Diamonds are examined for clarity with a 10 x magnifying glass.
FL: Flawless. No inclusions and no blemishes visible.
IF: Internally Flawless. No inclusions and only blemishes are visible.
VVS1 / VVS2: Very, Very Slightly Included. Minute inclusions that range from extremely difficult to very difficult to see are visible.
VS1 / VS2: Very Slightly Included. Minor inclusions that range from difficult to somewhat easy to see are visible.
SI1 / SI2: Slightly Included. Noticeable inclusions that range from easy to very easy to see are visible.
I1/ I2 /I3: Included. Obvious inclusions are visible and may affect transparency and brilliance.
For coloured stones, there is no such specific grading system. The approach is much more personal, as sensibilities dictate.
The cut: The cut is about the shape of the stone, and also the quality of the cut, which determines the diamond’s degree of lustre, sparkle and scintillation.

Where do you buy your diamonds ?

We buy our diamonds in Antwerp via a sightholder adhering to the United Nations resolution (Kimberley process).

What is the Kimberley process ?

This process was introduced in 2003 by diamond-producing nations, diamond trade professionals and civil society organisations, to bring the international trade in « blood diamonds » to an end. It aims to guarantee the consumer that the diamonds that they are buying are not rough diamonds used by rebel groups or their allies to finance conflicts aiming to destabilise legitimate governments.

How are diamonds formed ?

The diamond bears witness to the Earth’s geological history. Natural diamonds are treasures of Nature formed in the Earth’s mantle under very high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, between 3.5 billion and 720 million years ago. Under these extreme conditions, pure carbon crystallises. Diamonds are brought up to the surface by volcanic eruptions. As magma moves up to the surface it brings diamonds buried at a depth of more than 150 kilometres up with it. This is how rare volcanic rocks containing diamonds are formed.

About precious metals

How is precious metal guaranteed ?

The pieces of jewellery are signed and stamped with the State guarantee hallmark attesting to the quality of the 18k gold (750) and platinum (950).

What are hallmarks for ?

Hallmarks are a French State certification hallmark and guarantee the precious metal content. An eagle’s head for 18k gold (750), and a dog’s head for platinum (950).

What’s the purity of the gold that you use ?

Exclusively 18k (750), so as to offer the finest quality gold that will also stand the test of time.

What about precious metals ?

18 carat gold is is made up of 750‰ fine gold.
White gold is an alloy of pure gold (75%) and several white metals like palladium and pure silver. White gold is plated with a layer of rhodium to add lustre. We use white gold plated with palladium which does not turn yellowish over time and stays shiny. Palladium is a precious metal.
Yellow gold is made up of 75% pure gold and 25% silver and copper.
Pink gold has a similar composition. However, there is a higher proportion of copper than of yellow gold.
Platinum, which is whitish-grey in colour, is 95% pure (platinum 950/1000).

Is your gold ethically sourced ?

We work with France’s top smelter and refiner, certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).
This certification is proof of our wish to control the metal’s traceability throughout the supply chain. This is an integral part of our approach to ethics and quality.

What is the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) ?

The Responsible Jewellery Council is a non-profit international certification organisation.
Its members undertake to adhere to the RJC code of practice for diamonds, gold and platinum, « from mine to store ».
This code of practice encompasses human rights, labour, the environment, mining practices and product information.
The RJC is a member of the ISEAL Alliance: The global association for sustainability standards.

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