Sources of inspiration

The first stage is a search for stylistic inspiration. It all starts with a story, an idea or a memory. Discussing your tastes and preferences allows for an interpretation of your desires in line with your budget. The conversation can be held either by telephone, in Virginie’s office or at the location of your choice (in the Paris region).

Selecting the stones

The second stage is about finding the stones(s) that will breathe life into your idea. The stones selected are true natural treasures, and ethically sourced. Center stones come with analysis and grading reports from international laboratories (GIA, HRD, LFG). Once the selection has been made, a deposit of 30% is requested to start off the crafting process and reserve the stone for you.

The design

Once the center stone has been chosen, the design is sketched out, drawing on the discussion about the design and details that you like. This is the initial, 2D interpretation of your piece of jewellery.


Once the design has been validated, 3D images are generated. These images make it possible to view the piece of jewellery from all angles. These true-to-life images make it possible to refine the details.

Wax mock-up and casting

The wax mock-up is then cast into gold or platinum. This casting technique known as « lost-wax » casting has been practised since ancient Egyptian times. Each wax mock-up is a unique piece, and disappears during the casting process. To maintain ethics and quality standards, the precious metals are sourced from France’s top smelter and refiner, certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

The final stages

The stones are then mounted. The setting is polished one last time to add lustre to the metal.
And now your piece of jewellery, made just for you, is ready to be worn.

For more information, please refer to the FAQ page.

Perhaps you have plans for an engagement ring, a new baby gift or a personalised piece of jewellery?
Virginie David will guide you through a truly unique bespoke creation experience.

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